People's Chapel

Church of God

Welcome to our Church!

If you are looking for a small spirit filled growing church, you are welcome to join us every Sunday at 10:45am for services.  Sunday prayer begins at 10:15am prior to our main service.

We also have weekly Bible study services on Wednesday's at 5pm.

Have a blessed day!

15 Year Pastoral Anniversary Banquet this Fall!

Join Our Family

How does one become a member of the church?  Are there certain age limits, annual dues, initiation rites, attendance requirements, or acts of spiritual discipline?  Do you have to be invited to become a member?  All of these are important questions.

The church is the community of people who believe in and follow Jesus Christ.  In the first century, the church referred to itself as “called out” people because Christians have been called out of sin into salvation, out of darkness into light.

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