Church History

Founded in 1972

Our Church History

On May 1, 1972, the call went out to the late Reverend Irma Corbett to lead a prayer meeting and Bible study at the home of the late Mrs. Helen Stewart, with the attendance of about 7 women. The first scripture text was taken from the Gospel of John, Chapter 4. Little did anyone realize at that time that a church was being conceived. The name for that little group was the Southside Prayer Band.

The next meeting brought excitement, because by that time Sister Stewart had given her life to the Lord. With this came an increase in attendance, so much so that the people filled the porches and lawns just to hear and to receive the Word of God. The attendance had become overwhelming, and because of the fall season that was rapidly approaching, it became apparent there was a need for a larger more suitable place to accommodate the people. In November, an old record shop was found. On December 18, 1972, the first Bible study and prayer meeting was held in the new location. On December 24th, the first Sunday school class was held. The name was also changed to People's Chapel Mission.

By 1977, a test of faith and of the ministry came. There was a great falling away and Reverent Corbett was left alone to try to continue this ministry she knew the Lord had placed in her hands to watch over. Feeling as though she had failed the Lord, she began to have a pity party. She sat one Monday evening in the little store front church, at the piano, wanting desperately to give up. "What's the use, no one is coming and no one is here but me. Maybe I should just go home to my husband." But a small voice spoke within her spirit saying, "I AM HERE!" So she continued to go from her home on the north side of town to the south side and open the doors of that small storefront church which was empty of people with only the presence of herself and the Holy Spirit. The Lord then sent a women by the name of Mildred Coffey, and during that time they prayed together and taught each other.

In 1979, she faced a dilemma of whether to throw in the towel or to stay. She decided that if no one came by the end of the year, she would close the door and go home. They continued to pray for God's guidance. The Lord heard their prayers and began to increase the attendance. In 1980, a new beginning took place. The Lord opened the windows of heaven and poured out a blessing. God added to our humble fellowship "such as would be saved!" Also at this time, the Lord changed our name to People's Chapel Ministries.

In 1984, the Lord spoke again to Pastor Corbett, saying "in order for the ministry to continue to grow, you leave the fellowship of the organization that you are now affiliated with." We had been affiliated with this organization for over 40 years, but following the direction of the Lord, she met with the board of trustees and other officials, and we then left and became an independently incorporated ministry. Our name once again was changed to People's Chapel Ministries, Inc. On October 7, 1984, we celebrated our first Independance Day service. Because of the growth of the congregation and limited transportation, the Lord blessed us with a 15-passenger van. The first drivers were Pastor Corbett, Sister LuDora Austin, and Sister Evelyn Hammond. We then became aware that we needed a larger facility to accommodate the rapidly growing congregation. Again, the Lord spoke with Pastor Corbett's spirit telling her to "build Me a place of worship, build me a Church!"

In 1988, Pastor Corbett once again hit another all-time low. Her health was against her, and again she wanted to throw up her hands and throw in the towel. The Holy Spirit intervened and told her to "endure." In 1989, we met with the Couchenour Construction Company, a locally owned construction company who specialized in building churches. On July 4, 1990, we held our first Sunday school here at our present location, 2145 Hillman Street. On October 7, 1990, seven years to the date of our first Independent Day services, we officially walked from the little storefront church into our beautiful new church, which was then dedicated to the Lord. Building this church from the ground up was the greatest and yet a glorious challenge. To God be all the Glory!

In 1993, there was another change in the ministry. We became affiliated with the Church of God out of Anderson, Indiana. Our name was once again changed to People's Chapel Church of God. With the birth and growth of this church, there has been many labor pains and many disappointments. Many tears, prayers, and fasting. Many all night and sleep-in prayers. We plucked chickens, shampooed carpets in doctor's offices, sold dinners and fresh fish sandwiches out of member's homes. We sold aluminum cans and other items at flea market, and gifts of love that help build and give birth to this church. We walked the streets of Youngstown, north, south, east, and west, in search for the lost souls of mankind.

We had and will have many mountains to climb and many valleys to walk through. We have fought many spiritual battles, fighting the odors of urine, alcohol, marijuana, and witchcraft that was placed at our front and back doors. But God said "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is on me, saith the Lord." - Isaiah 54:17

The Lord has given us three pastors to lead us in this ministry. The late Pastor Emeritus, the late Reverend Irma Corbett, who retired in 1997, and Pastor Reverend Catherine Lockhart, who retired in 2007. In 2009, the Lord sent our present Pastor, Reverend Charles Daniels. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, he will help lead us up a step further into the future that God has in His plan and purpose for this ministry. All in all, the Lord God has blessed and given us grace in every avenue that has been His will. As long as we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, He will exalt us in due time.

This is a special ministry, serving a special purpose, and trying to serve the total need of humanity!

Do not close your eyes to our history, because our history is HIS-tory! It will follow us into eternity. Without a past, there will be no future. WIthout a future, we lose our identity. We cannot go forward if our minds go backwards, or stay in the past. In today's world, things are rapidly changing so fast that it is hard to maintain stability. Our jobs are changing, our morals and values are changing, our faith is changing, yes, who we are as people of God. We want to change and compromise into doing what the world is doing just for the sake of appearance.

God does not change His agenda, His purpose, or His will. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.

God is the same God in Genesis 1:1 and will be the same God that's in Revelation 22:21. So it is important that we keep up with our history. Add to it if you will, but never take from it. Yes, we are enjoying the fruit of the labor of others have worked for, but we HAVE and WILL add more to it.