Our Ministries

Food Pantry

Our free pantry serves individuals in our community with food and nourishment assistance.

Every Third Saturday at 11am

Women's Group

This group allows our women to bond and make new friendships, while also getting healthier in their daily lives, and focusing on drawing to get closer to God.

Meets Once a Month on Saturday

Men's Group

This group helps men to become stronger fathers and grow spiritually as leaders of their families and community.

Meets Once a Month on Saturday

Youth Group

Growing our youth within the church to help them develop a better understanding of God's word and encouraging them to share their beliefs throughout their community.

Meets Once a Month on Friday Evening

J&C House of Hope

J&C House of Hope offers a supportive living environment for both men and women designed to provide them the opportunity to continue their journey to recovery.

Life Has No Limits - Music by Jalin Alexander Graham